Thursday, December 01, 2011


You should've said Tauntaun

Everyone has a theory about how people are all separated by one thing and I have my own. I proffer it to you now.

The world is separated by people who love Star Wars and people who don't. Yes it pains me to say that there are people in this world who have never seen or hate Star Wars.

If you aren't sure about that guy/girl in your life,ask them how they feel about Star Wars. Ask follow up questions. For ex: Who lives on Dagobah? People who hate Star Wars often hide the fact that they hate it because they know that they are vastly outnumbered and that we Star Wars lovers will choose to not mate with them in the hopes of killing off their kind! Okay, that's a bit harsh but I think it perfectly explains my point.

Two weeks ago I was found myself in a unique situation. I was outnumbered by Star Wars haters! I was sitting at my local sports bar watching some game when a couple who approached the bar and landed next to me. The woman was leaning into the man and he had his arm around her and said in a sympathetic voice "you need your Tom time". What I heard was "You need your Tauntaun". Now I know that I should've said nothing since I don't know these people but I couldn't let an AWESOME saying like that just go by without being appreciated.

I turn away from my game and tell him that I think that's an excellent use of Tauntaun and they both look at me like I'm some scruffy looking nerf herder! They explain what he actually said and I apologize. There is a beat of awkward silence and then the question "What is a Tauntaun?" My response is very basic "I was referring to Star Wars". Now I understand, there are plenty of people who have seen Star Wars and enjoy it but don't necessarily know the name of a Tauntaun so when they commented not remembering that from Star Wars, I just explained that it was from Empire Strikes Back. More blank stares.

I then say the animal on the cold planet. That's as basic as you can get. They then go oh....look at each other shrug and give me two looks. From the girl, I get the pity stare. You know the one, the one that your mom gives when you're still single in your 30s. The guy looks at me like he's having trouble focusing. I think that I blew his mind by simply liking sports AND Star Wars. I don't think they've ever intersected in his mind as being interests that one person could have.

Very shortly after that they scampered out.

Star Wars is the great divide. And he should've said Tauntaun.

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Carnivore's Burden....

Thanksgiving is over and we are careening toward Christmas at breakneck speed. Now that the season of overindulgence in all things is officially upon us and accepted as the best way to celebrate, I find myself looking over various recipes and discussing different ways to jazz up the standard foods. Long gone are the days when I would write letters to Santa for toys, beg family members shamelessly for money to purchase clothes that only a teenager could love, or make travel plans to some new exotic location that young adults and pre-grandchildren empty nesters are fond of taking during the "free" time off work to squeeze in an extra vacation. I am turning into a bit of a foodie.

Mind you, I am not CHOOSING to turn into one. It simply happens when one lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and begin to show an interest in food/cooking. If you don't gain a base level of understanding, you can't even have a conversation without knowing some basic buzzwords and have some formulated opinions about cuisine and food movements (TIP: keep your mouth shut about wine until you've at least attended one sommelier led class, just trust me on this). For the record my official stance is that local is always a better and more sustainable way to eat. I go to farmer's markets and small local grocery stores at least twice a month in my slow conversion to walking the talk.

Meat however is a different topic. I love meat. No I mean it, I LOVE MEAT. It is not unreasonable to assume that I could come home to an intervention based on my love of meat. While I believe that free range and grass fed are best, I simply cannot afford this diet on my non-profit salary. Thus the carnivore's burden. I believe that many people face the same problem and it has become the dirty little secret where we purchase most of our meat from large grocery stores that get their meats from factories while turning a blind eye to if there is any humanity for the animals who line our tummies. Of course we throw in some easy organic fixes like sausage or chicken but beef? BEEF? As long as it's USDA approved, we have a winner. The burden was most recently re-introduced when I came across this picture.

Now I know that I should be disgusted that a very large turkey that has clearly been given steroids to feed our overindulgent selves this holiday season has been wrapped with bacon but the love of meat have overridden that thought and all I can say is DELICOUSNESS!!!

So, I am opening the floor to people who may have tips to share on where one can purchase meats that are a step above just USDA approved. Of course, I am also opening the floor to anyone who is brave enough to admit if you have eaten something similar to this before as I am planning to make this for a Christmas Eve dinner party. If I have to carry the carnivore's burden, I may as well eat the yummy foods for strength :-)

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Finding Nemo

It's official. I've entered the online dating scene. I've forayed into it before using during the promotion periods and then letting it die out before realizing that I was being charged and needed to stop payment. However, this time is different. I'm committed to the process.

In the past couple weeks, I have been approached by three ex's. During this time, I realized two things. The first is that these dudes were all pathetic to reach out to me again in the hopes of rekindling something that had long since died. Especially the married one who clearly seems to be regretting his decision. The second was that I was pretty pathetic since those were pretty much the only boys that had reached out to me since a different ex tried to re-stoke the flames. This was no longer flattering, it was just sad that we were all playing a really bad game of musical chairs.

As a result, I decided to expand my options. SF is a small city but there is still 750,000 people here and millions more in the Bay Area. I joined Plenty of Fish and began my quest to find Nemo. Things have proven interesting. So far, I've been on for a week and have found that guys on the site are either looking for someone to dominate them, hook up with, or marry today. There are also guys who are there for the same reason that I am, looking in a new place for more options. I've had some great conversations and have been cancelled on once. I must admit that I wasn't that sad to be cancelled on by a guy whose favorite band is Motorhead, lives in San Jose, and was from Texas. Nothing is wrong with any of those things but as a package deal, it kinda sucks.

I can only imagine the blogs that will come out of this endeavor. Wish me luck!!!

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Monday, September 19, 2011


Challenge Accepted!!

I have some friends that put on a fundraiser once a month that I go to. I started out going to support my friends and it was a way to catch up with everyone but the fundraiser in me really became invested in attending and learning about different local charities.

In August, the charity of the month was SF Food Bank, while there I learned about the Hunger Challenge. Basically the Food Bank challenges people to live off the equivalent of food stamps for the week which was quoted as $4.72 per person per day. Having grown up in a working class household, endured a college diet, and currently living on a non-profit budget I thought that this would be an easy thing to do.

The Hunger Challenge was September 11th - 17th. Listed below are some snapshots for the week:

1. It is NOT EASY or NUTRITIONAL to live on the budget that is given out. I was constantly hungry and found myself thinking about food nonstop from day 5 on.

2. I cried MANY times on days 4-7. It took a lot of will power not to chuck the challenge and just eat something, ANYTHING. As thankful as I was to know that I could do that at any moment, it made me that much more determined to stick it out for people that don't have that opportunity.

3. The SF Food Bank drives a hard bargain. I was suffering pretty hardcore but the rules for the Challenge seemed a bit condescending. The diet that I was on didn't allow me to turn down free food or FREE CAFFEINE. For the Food Bank to suggest that I should because people on a food stamp allowance would not have the opportunity is retarded!!!

4. The people in SF actually get $7.14 per person per day. I didn't think to look it up and just took the word of the SF Food Bank but a co-worker looked it up for me after learning about the challenge. I found this out on the last day. I took that extra money which was sorely needed eat my last meal on the challenge.

5. I highly recommend that everyone try the challenge. You can do it any seven days out of the year. It just has to be a week where you live off of the food stamp wages offered in your city.

All in all, I'm happy that I took the challenge. It's a humbling experience that I won't soon forget.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Snapshots from Summer and beyond...

Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to report that I was not taken away in the much over hyped Rapture planned for earlier this year. Instead, I merely switched jobs in the most chaotic way possible (by working at both locations for two weeks) and have spent the summer learning how to do my new job. Let me get everyone all caught up with what's been happening since May and then we can move into what's happening now!

First off, Boston was fabulous. I truly enjoyed my week there and wouldn't mind going back to visit again. It's amazing how much fun a city can be when you no longer have all these emotional ties to a place. I think that it may be on my 2013 visit list. Summer in SF has been all that is typically promised: cool, foggy, chilly. I've enjoyed my time nevertheless. I have managed to avoid most of the festivals in lieu of Reno summers. The tradeoff of losing money is that I got a tan this summer, enjoyed a really good triple A game of baseball, had amazing food, and learned how to navigate myself around a new city. I probably qualify for Nevada citizenship at this point.

The weekdays have been filled with learning how to hone the craft of fundraising and in particular what it takes to put together a successful capital campaign. The first three months have been pretty quick but now that I have completed my 90 day review, I am planning to take things a little more slowly and capture as much of this knowledge as possible. "there's gold in them thar hills!" has never been a more applicable than to my learning curve at this job. It's been amazing to see all these fundraising thoughts put into practice.

September has been noteworthy from a food perspective. I spent Labor Day weekend overeating at the Best of the West Rib Cook-off. I spent weeks slowly overeating so that I could eat as many ribs as I could over the weekend. It was a very gluttonous affair full of absolutely no moderation. The pendulum has swung back and in an effort to restore some balance and to take part in a worthwhile cause, I am doing a Hunger Challenge promoted by the San Francisco Food Bank. The premise is quite simple. You need to eat/drink off of $4.72 per day for a week which is the current food stamp budget. I am currently on day 5. There will most definitely be a post to discuss the week and how it has affected me. But this much I will say: caffeine, fruit, and fresh vegetables are LUXURIES that should never be taken for granted.

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Monday, May 16, 2011


The Rapture of Love

This has been a busy year for me by all accounts. I've been working like, what feels to be, non-stop but I would hope that I would have heard about the Rapture before today. Unfortunately for me, I was just alerted that the Rapture is happening on Saturday. It was completely disconcerting since I found out by being invited to a post-Rapture party. I may consider myself cutting edge, cool, hip, and downright pagan at times, but I'd like to think that my friends understand that I am actually going to Heaven. Apparently not even my friends think I'm going. I guess it's a good thing since I plan on being in Boston from tomorrow until Monday. I would've hated to pay extra for a couple extra night's stay and a round trip ticket, plus that Red Sox v. Cubs game :-)

In any event, if it turns out that my friends are wrong (they are I'm TOTALLY getting into Heaven) and the Rapture is on Saturday (it's not so sleep easy), I forgive them for not telling me earlier. Any of my buddies in Boston who wants to go to the Cubs game in my place is welcome and I'm flying Jet Blue if anybody wants to try to get a refund. Oh and if this my last blog, it's been a blast!!!

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Friday, January 21, 2011


There is a time and a place!

I swear, just when I think that I need a new post for the blog, I'm provided with something new. Living in San Francisco is lovely like that.

Today is lovely weather, even for San Francisco it's absolutely lovely. I'd say that it's about 65 and sunny. In January that's saying something! I decided to come to work early this morning as I was going to be out of the office for a farewell lunch. What did I receive for coming in an hour early you ask? A nice little treat of a bum, LAYING DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK! I don't mean off to the side sleeping or anything. He was in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk laying sideways with his head propped up on his arm. Not only was the middle of the sidewalk but he was laying across the ENTRANCE to a parking lot. It was too early for that kind of foolishness!! I mean be a little creative if you want to sue somebody and get off the homeless track. Follow the Curly Sue route and pretend to get hit, don't actually lay there and hope for the best.

Anywho, what makes this most annoying was that this past November, San Francisco actually passed a law that makes it ILLEGAL to sit or lie on the streets (I know I live in a city that actually had to make that a law). So basically even if this bum was able to coerce someone to hit him, he won't win any money because he's breaking the law by laying in the middle of the sidewalk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The irony!

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Happy New Year!!

Hello Everyone,

2011 has started with a bang! Literally, between the birds, fish, and tragic grocery store shootings, I'm pretty excited to be alive less than halfway through January.

San Francisco has already had an earthquake and us sports fans have endured some exciting games. On the homefront, one roommate has moved out and another one is leaving at the end of the month. I wish I could say that I was sad to see them go but it was definitely time for everyone to part ways. I'm excited to reclaim the apartment, do a thorough cleaning, purchase new kitchen items, and basically get our house back to being a warm environment.

Somehow in all the madness, I managed to find a guy! Who knew?? Turns out that I met him last May at a birthday party when we were both engaged in other relationships. Well flash forward 7 months and we were both available. Thank goodness for social networking, otherwise we'd probably just ended up like ships in the night (passing each other only to get shipwrecked in some other awful relationship). Things are going well for now but it's the honeymoon period. We'll check in again within 90 days to see if I'm still giving the thumbs up.

With only 10 days under my belt for 2011, I can tell you that I am looking forward to the following:

participating in a half marathon that I signed up for in support of the American Heart Association on April 30th.

going to the wedding of two dear friends on May 1st.

catching some AWESOME concerts (Janet Jackson and Sade come to mind)!!

taking some romantic weekend trips :-)

FINALLY unpacking (I know, I've been threatening to do it for 4 plus years but this time I mean it).

All in all 2011 is shaping up to be memorable so strap on your seatbelts and follow the blog. It's gonna be an eventful ride!!!

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