Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm the black Amy Winehouse

Apparently, after not posting for months I just can't stop. The rest of me seemed discontent to let my hair take up an entire post. This afternoon after ranting about my hair, I just decided to chill out and hope that my hair would somehow "deflate". I decided that some starbursts would be a nice way to decompress. Unfortunately the only thing that the chewy candy decompressed was my dental implant. Now I have my crown wrapped and sitting next to me for a 9:30 am dental appt tomorrow morning when we can be rejoined and the instructions of not to eat on the side of my implant. Dinner and breakfast are going to prove to be quite the challenge.

Once I was given the news that the earliest that my dentist could see me was tomorrow morning I declared myself the black Amy Winehouse. I figured with a missing side tooth and increasingly rising hair, I was only a crack habit away from the real thing. To make this truly the best day of my life, one of my co-workers looked at me blankly and said "Amy Winehouse is black."

It's nice to know that even when in complete meltdown, you're still second fiddle to a crack head.

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Damn, Damn, Damn!

So...I went to get something done with my hair on Saturday. $140 later I am EXTREMELY ticked about the state of it. This morning I had to FLAT IRON my hair. For those of you who are not black or not familiar with what this means, let me explain.

I paid quite a bit of money for a relaxer and a haircut 2 days ago. My "relaxed" hair is more like semi-relaxed since I'm already re-straightening with a flat iron. It has been my experience that I wouldn't need to use a flat iron until at least the end of the week. However, this hair stylist used a REGULAR mixture after I told him that I needed a super mix. Some people don't believe that fat meat is greasy. Unfortunately this hair salon is closed today. However, they will hear from me tomorrow.

The cut is even worse! He gave me some "kicky" cut that only works if you have straight hair. It does not work with the hair that I have. My hair has already grown since this morning when I left the house. I look like a damned clown AND I am stuck at work.

Thankfully I only work with white people who are in awe of my ever changing hair but if I hear one more "how do you get it so full?" comment I will be forced to ask for bail money. And before anyone who knows me asks, NO I am NOT sending pictures of this haircut.

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