Monday, May 16, 2011


The Rapture of Love

This has been a busy year for me by all accounts. I've been working like, what feels to be, non-stop but I would hope that I would have heard about the Rapture before today. Unfortunately for me, I was just alerted that the Rapture is happening on Saturday. It was completely disconcerting since I found out by being invited to a post-Rapture party. I may consider myself cutting edge, cool, hip, and downright pagan at times, but I'd like to think that my friends understand that I am actually going to Heaven. Apparently not even my friends think I'm going. I guess it's a good thing since I plan on being in Boston from tomorrow until Monday. I would've hated to pay extra for a couple extra night's stay and a round trip ticket, plus that Red Sox v. Cubs game :-)

In any event, if it turns out that my friends are wrong (they are I'm TOTALLY getting into Heaven) and the Rapture is on Saturday (it's not so sleep easy), I forgive them for not telling me earlier. Any of my buddies in Boston who wants to go to the Cubs game in my place is welcome and I'm flying Jet Blue if anybody wants to try to get a refund. Oh and if this my last blog, it's been a blast!!!

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