Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welcome to 2010!!!

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed 2010 and all that has been offered thus far. My year has definitely been full of highlights for only seven weeks in.

Listed below are just a taste of what's gone down.

- cleaned up a drunken guest's projectile puke to ring in the New Year (mind you it was red from the Bud Light and Clamato that had been consumed all evening)

- bought a new phone - a Motorola Droid!! Nothing beats giving those smug iPhone users a hard time :-)

- found a new hairstylist (thanks Yelp!) and got myself a styling new cut.....the mohawk is in the house!!

- been on 5 dates with 4 different boys. This is tiring! But oh so worth it as I embark on another ride in the relationship train

- joined a trivia league. This isn't that shocking since I am queen of useless information but it's for $1,000 so that's exciting!!

I'd love to hear about everyone else's 2010 so far so please leave a comment!

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