Thursday, September 15, 2011


Snapshots from Summer and beyond...

Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to report that I was not taken away in the much over hyped Rapture planned for earlier this year. Instead, I merely switched jobs in the most chaotic way possible (by working at both locations for two weeks) and have spent the summer learning how to do my new job. Let me get everyone all caught up with what's been happening since May and then we can move into what's happening now!

First off, Boston was fabulous. I truly enjoyed my week there and wouldn't mind going back to visit again. It's amazing how much fun a city can be when you no longer have all these emotional ties to a place. I think that it may be on my 2013 visit list. Summer in SF has been all that is typically promised: cool, foggy, chilly. I've enjoyed my time nevertheless. I have managed to avoid most of the festivals in lieu of Reno summers. The tradeoff of losing money is that I got a tan this summer, enjoyed a really good triple A game of baseball, had amazing food, and learned how to navigate myself around a new city. I probably qualify for Nevada citizenship at this point.

The weekdays have been filled with learning how to hone the craft of fundraising and in particular what it takes to put together a successful capital campaign. The first three months have been pretty quick but now that I have completed my 90 day review, I am planning to take things a little more slowly and capture as much of this knowledge as possible. "there's gold in them thar hills!" has never been a more applicable than to my learning curve at this job. It's been amazing to see all these fundraising thoughts put into practice.

September has been noteworthy from a food perspective. I spent Labor Day weekend overeating at the Best of the West Rib Cook-off. I spent weeks slowly overeating so that I could eat as many ribs as I could over the weekend. It was a very gluttonous affair full of absolutely no moderation. The pendulum has swung back and in an effort to restore some balance and to take part in a worthwhile cause, I am doing a Hunger Challenge promoted by the San Francisco Food Bank. The premise is quite simple. You need to eat/drink off of $4.72 per day for a week which is the current food stamp budget. I am currently on day 5. There will most definitely be a post to discuss the week and how it has affected me. But this much I will say: caffeine, fruit, and fresh vegetables are LUXURIES that should never be taken for granted.

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Oh hey, looks like we made it through the rapture together. Let's get a $10 cocktail to celebrate that accomplishment, along with your many other summer successes, once you can spend more than $4.72 per day again. ;)

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