Thursday, July 20, 2006



I have found that I really want to shout inappropriate at people as I see them doing things that I personally find wrong. For example, when you are on a crowded train and a senior citizen or visibally pregnant woman gets on and is STANDING in front of you, do you offer the person a seat or ignore them? More and more, I see people ignoring the person who has a right, by law, to your seat.


Yesterday, however took the cake. I don't live in a fancy schmancy neighborhood, I live in a ghettofication (1st wave gentrification). This being San Francisco, I don't have to go far to find a fancy schmancy hood. In fact I hang out in one that's about 15 minutes away from where I live. In this neighborhood, there is a homeless guy who is always asking for money. He is very polite so I always assumed he probably collects enough to keep himself fed. That is until I saw him last night talking on a cellular phone better than mine!


Living in San Francisco is slowly turning me into a caricature. In five years, I'm going to be that person people give wide berths to as they walk down the street since I'll be yelling inappropriate to anyone I see.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Big Brother 7: The Gateway Drug

Okay, I am totally cracked out on Big Brother. I know that I am because I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I find myself espousing the "good" aspects of Big Brother. I have contemplated paying the $36 fee to watch the housemate 24/7 via live feed. I begged my friends to vote for one of the contestants when housemates were being picked. BTW - my guy made it. Thanks all!!! GO KAYSAR!!!

Last but not least this problem with Big Brother now has me watching Rock Star: Supernova. How can I resist the combination of Dave Navarro AND Tommy Lee? This show honestly sucks it's like trying to find a winner from all the American Idol rejects. Funny for one episode but try to imagine a complete season with William Hung, etc. It's pretty horrific, and that is where I found myself last night after catching the show for the second time in as many weeks.

DAMN YOU CBS!! I will not forget this. And to teach you a lesson, I'm going to buy only ONE month of BB7 live feed instead of the whole season.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Trains and Thangs

This morning one of my friends sent me an email about some crazy guy in New York attacking and mugging people with 2 power saws on the train system. The same friend also sent an AP story about a tourist getting stabbed on a New York train last month. Now we all know that New York is big and bad but I’m starting to get a little miffed. Why do they have to rule the craziness of public transportation too?

Everyone who’s anyone knows that San Francisco has the best public transportation crazies. Our crazies are the most well known and are the most eccentric. Case in point: When I had some friends visiting a couple years ago, we saw a fight on a very crowded bus between a teenager and a man about 50 because he sat on her Chinese takeout. In his defense, the bus was crowded and she only paid for one seat. In her defense, well there was none. Needless to say once the fight was broken up and Chinese food was splattered all over the back of the bus, a homeless man made the priceless comment “I could’ve eaten that!” Mind you that’s the most BORING story about riding public transportation in SF.

So what does New York do? They up the ante by getting violent. That’s just great! The crazies out here in SF take pride in being the wackiest on the trains and busses. So now our kooks will be attacking people. I just hope that when they do attack, it’s all the tourists here from NY.

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