Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Viva Las Vegas! Down with Reno!

Hola All:

It's been a while since I've taken the blogging plunge but I come back with fun stories of my recent vacation. Last week I took time off work to show my aunt around lovely San Francisco. We spent 2 whirlwind days running around the city like chickens with our heads cut off. There was a stop to the Japanese Tea Garden, alas there were no falls into the water (just for my Laurie Notaro fans). We went to North Bay and enjoyed an afternoon in Sausalito. We went to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. My aunt was blown away by the pungeant smell of the sea lions and enjoyed seeing the Golden Gate bridge for the first time. I also took her to one of my favorite haunts - a soul food breakfast spot run by Chinese people. After all of the fun time in San Francisco, we headed out to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was eventful. Getting there was a bit difficult as we checked in almost too late and then sat for 2 hours waiting for our plane to first arrive and then for clearance to take off. Once we were in the air it was smooth sailing. Las Vegas was still a little cool and the first night was a hit for me. I managed to make a hundered or so dollars. The second night was just as much fun. I hopped on the tram and went to another casino to check it out. After touring the place, I sat down and managed to win myself another fifty dollars. Wisely quitting while I was ahead, I came back to my casing and met back up with my aunt for lunch. After that we took the monorail and really explored the strip.

The architecture in Las Vegas is beautiful. The casinos really take you into another world with their attention to detail. I enjoyed my time there and left even. Unfortunately, I wasn't headed home, I was headed to Reno. Reno had other plans for me. Those plans included losing my pants.

Reno was a fun time but for some reason Las Vegas called ahead and told Reno that I had managed to leave without losing money. That all changed by Saturday night. At the end of Saturday, I had Hoover pockets. Thankfully Reno delivered in terms of fun. I had drink tickets, self comping money and new friends. My last two days in Reno were spent finding money that I didn't know that I had, meeting the casino owner, receiving a refund from the casino and getting a free 10 play of bingo. Even when they're taking your money, they know how to make you feel like a star!

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