Saturday, January 13, 2007


Bear Down Chicago Bears!!

Okay, anybody who's read at least 3 of my posts knows that I am a big Chicago sports fan. And anybody that's seen ESPN this season knows that the Chicago Bears are ON FIRE!! Then there's Rex Grossman. I am one of the few...a person that believes in Rex. That's right, I said it, I believe in Rex. I may be from the microwave generation of instant gratification but I know quality when I see it and I'm willing to wait for Rex to mature into the quarterback that he can be, the one that we all saw in the first 7 games of the year.

Laugh all you want but I'm still rolling in my money from the BCS Championship. Also keep in mind that although, this is Rex's fourth season in the NFL, this was his first year as starter for an entire season. He hadn't played a full season of football until game 9 this year. I want to go on record and say that the Bears will go to the SuperBowl!! That's right I said it, the SUPERBOWL. Hell, I'm just going to say it all right now, The Chicago Bears will be the Champions of Superbowl XLI.

The AFC is fantastic but the problem is exactly that. The ENTIRE AFC is fantastic. they are going to wear each other down. Just look at the lineup for this weekend. Colts v. Ravens and Patriots v. Chargers. That's 2 Superbowl games right there. I'm sure you guys are starting to get my drift. All the Eagles need is one more rocking game to knock out the Saints and they will self-destruct against the Bears. We all know the Eagles are on borrowed time. All the NFC teams are hoping that the clock will expire when they are playing. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way for the Giants and (hopefully) not the Saints.

So Bear Fans strap yourselves in and prepare for a helluva ride. It's time to Bear Down Chicago Bears!!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Reno 911

Happy New Year All!!!

Whew! Fresh back from a Rocking New Year's Eve in Reno, NV. I had so much fun, I'm actually thinking of ways to get back in 2 weeks. Thankfully I won't get paid in time but I'll definitely go again soon.

Reno was exactly what I liked. It had a great small town feel, had great food for cheap, and even better loose slots. The casino liked me enough that I only lost $85. Mind you I played ALL WEEKEND. I also got a manicure at the lovely salon. I didn't fully take advantage of all the perks of the hotel. There was keno that I didn't get into, a bingo room that I wanted to check out. The poker room was jammed packed and only had 9 am times available. Plus I never got into the pool! Needless to say, I'll be back to the my sweet little Nugget. Hopefully it will treat me as nicely as this past weekend.

There were no crazy/interesting things to point out from Reno. Although, I did meet a couple that went to the same school that I did for undergrad. It was nice to chat about our sleepy campus and all the homecomings we haven't made. I met quite a few people from Chicago, even a Packers fan who I thoroughly hated enough to lose money at the blackjack table just for the sweet satisfaction of busting him!! There was also quite a few glum Bears fans on Sunday night gambling our sorrows away. One interesting sight on the way back. I saw 2 horses sitting! That's right I said sitting. I have never seen a horse sit before, but I guess when you think about it why not. They are always on their feet, they even sleep standing up. If anybody deserves a sit down, it's a horse. But the sight is still shocking. After hours of traffic, I learned that I really should have been watching the Fiesta Bowl but if it's as good as everybody says it is I'm sure ESPN classic will show it tonight :-)

I hope everyone had lovely New Year celebrations and are geared up for the year ahead!!

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