Friday, September 08, 2006


Hey Ya'll Part 2...

So...I meet up with my family in the airport and we head on our way. Saturday was one of my nieces birthday's so we headed straight to the mall. In my family we wait until the girls are 10 years old and if they want their ears pierced then it happens then.

Now the malls in GA are ridiculous. There is like one on every corner. I have never seen anything like it. We went to one large and ominous looking one called Stonecrest in Stone Mountain, GA where my sister lives. Stonecrest has the distinction of being a large mall that was apparently so successful that other stores started building around it. The stores not in the mall are built in a strip mall layout up the side of a mountain. Atop the mountain you will find a Target. It's so over the top. I'm sure people have gone in the mall and been lost for at least 3 years.

After spending a day in the mall we went to check into our hotel. The hotel was also in Stone Mountain, GA. Now I don't know if you know or have heard about Stone Mountain but there is a famous etching of the Confederate fathers on the side of the mountain. The etching is rather large and was financed by the KKK. Needless to say,I was a bit hesitant to stay in this town. But it appears that the whole city is populated by black people. Stone Mountain has been turned into a recreational/entertainment mecca. It's like the #1 attraction in Georgia. And they actually light up the etching at night. It's a definite Southern thing. But if you make it to GA, plan a nice hike in the park.


Hey Ya'll Part 1...

Hello kiddies,

I spent my Labor Day weekend in Georgia. Getting to GA was trying enough as my cousin called me in July to browbeat me into going. I distinctly remember being told that it was going to be a family reunion as my sister lives there but he was conspicously absent this past weekend. That sly fox! Sending myself and his own mother instead of going. I must admit, he had been there more recently than either of us, so I guess he deserved some time off for good behavior :-)

I was the first to arrive, coming from California earned me a lovely red eye flight. And being a good sister, I decided to tool around Atlanta for a few hours so that my sister would only have to come to the airport once and collect myself and aunt in one fell swoop. Once I left the airport, I went downtown in search of a cup of coffee since the cup I paid for at the airport never showed up. What I found instead was priceless.

Apparently every Labor Day weekend there is a huge science fiction convention, complete with parade. I managed to find myself the parade!! So, I sat at 8 am on Saturday morning drinking a large vanilla non-fat latte (for those of you who want to know what my choice drink is) watching a parade of people dressed up like Ghostbusters, Jedi's, Storm Troopers, the Borg, etc. Unfortunately I don't carry a camera, so I have no pictures. But I was animated enough to be interviewed for a story on the parade:

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