Thursday, August 28, 2008


Fun bus ride

today was a fun bus ride to work.

One of my roommates and I took the same bus to work this morning. I knew it was going to be interesting when the bus driver started honking at us for trying to make the bus but not moving quick enough. Once we got on the bus after the bus driver originally closed the doors on us, we found ourselves scrambling to find ANYTHING to hang onto. Somehow the driver found every pot hole and a hill on a flat block! Once we got a few blocks along, the bus driver started arguing but she wasn't talking to anyone on the bus. At first I was concerned that she was on the phone but it was more like "Can't you see I have to let the wheelchair off the bus, and you all in my face!" Essentially the bus driver was having an argument with her OTHER personality. Only in San Francisco will you get a bus driver who was clearly off her medicine. The best part of the entire ride was that not one person batted an eye. It's mornings like this when I realize that no matter how long I live here, this place will continue to amaze me.

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